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Let's Make a Deal! Older Model Closeout

Let's Make a Deal! Older Model Closeout

Quick Mill, Izzo and La Spaziale have new versions coming down the pike later this month, so we need to clear out our demo stock to make way for the new kids on the block. If you're interested in any of the following models, feel free to contact us or come into the store to negotiate a fair price! They have all been used as demo models, minimal use (compared to what they would have seen in a home) and have had impeccable, regular maintenance. 1 year warranty supported directly by us. Here's links to the models -- we've noted how they're different from the new round of machines, available later this month. All of these are currently out of stock until late April, so if your timing is Real Soon Now, you could get a smokin' deal!

  • Quick Mill Alexia with PID - without hinged top cover
  • Quick Mill Anita - without hinged top cover and upgraded steam / hot water wands
  • Quick Mill Andreja Premium - without hinged top cover and expansion valve upgrade
  • Izzo Alex II (Hx) - without the new casing style
  • La Spaziale Mini Vivaldi - without the changes to the top cover
If you're interested in a specific machine, we can give you detailed specs so you'll know exactly what you're getting. Prior to shipping / pick-up, the machines will be thoroughly serviced and tested. Call us for more info!

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