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Mahlkonig X54 Sneak Peek

Jul 21, 2021 · coffee · espresso · grinders · mahlkonig · sneak peeks
Mahlkonig X54 Sneak Peek

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a new home grinder from Mahlkonig, but we’re excited to have the X54 in the studio for a sneak peek! The 54 in the name stands for the burr size. That means this grinder has 54mm flat steel burrs inside, much like the rest of their grinders. The things that really sell this grinder are its 35 settings, its timed dosing, and its solid construction. The X54 is designed to work with a very wide range of settings. We tend to recommend a separate brew grinder because most espresso grinders are not good for slow brew methods and vice versa. The other reason we like having a separate brew grinder is that it can be frustrating to have to go back and forth between settings with any frequency once you’ve carefully dialed in an espresso grind. The X54 can’t help with that second issue, but it does offer wide enough adjustments to go from espresso to slower brew methods. As always, a purpose-built grinder will work better for consistency at the extreme coarse end, but the X54 is designed to hold up. We’ll be able to say for certain once we have our full review! In terms of programming, the X54 provides 4 different timing options that you can pre-set, so you’ll have a lot of options for timing your grind. This grinder also includes a portafilter holder and a nice cup that you can use as a catch bin. These options mean it’s easy to use for brew grinding or espresso ergonomically. Finally, Mahlkonig has worked to make this grinder durable and quiet. With a high quality motor and casing and optimized acoustics, you’ll get a reliable and quiet grind for years to come. We’ll have more on how this grinder stands up over the longer term when we’re able to provide a full review!

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