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Monin Syrup Spree!

Oct 27, 2009 · Legacy
Monin Syrup Spree!

We have a fairly impressive collection of Monin syrups, sauces and purees available here in the store or online and we've just added three new syrups to the mix.

Green Tea Concentrate This sweet concentrate makes iced green teas simple and easy to whip up in a flash! We love its subtle flavor -- and it's really excellent mixed with the Monin White Peach syrup for a fruity and delicious iced tea.
Praline Praline lovers will rejoice in this buttery, nutty syrup -- perfect for your favorite coffee-based drink, or perhaps worked into a holiday-themed cocktail.
White Peach Bright and summery -- even in winter's dourest days! This syrup is a great for easily making Bellinis (mix it with sparkling wine) as a fruity and smooth holiday apperitif, or mix it in with a warm tea for something a little cozier.

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