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Morning Maintenance: How To Descale A Rancilio Silvia

Jun 5, 2015 · coffee · educational · espresso · maintenance · semi-auto
Morning Maintenance: How To Descale A Rancilio Silvia

If you own an espresso machine you have probably heard that you need to descale your machine. But what is descaling and how do you do it? Descaling is the process of removing deposit build up from the inside of your espresso machine. This deposit build up is caused by minerals in your water supply. All water has tiny amounts of minerals and over time they attach and build up. Much like cholesterol plaques build up inside arteries! So the first step to descaling begins before the scale can build up! Using filtered water in your espresso machine is key, as you don't want to be descaling all the time. But when the time comes, following the steps demonstrated by Gail will have your machine up and running in no time. Watch the full Morning Maintenance video below to find out how to descale your Rancilio Silvia.

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