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New Acaia Pearl Coffee Scale Review

Aug 2, 2021 · acaia · coffee · pour over · reviews · scale
New Acaia Pearl Coffee Scale Review

The Acaia Pearl has long been one of the very best scales you can get for your pour over setup. With interactive features, app connectivity, a long battery life, and more, this scale has been our go-to recommendation for anyone looking at premium options for their pour over kit. The new model of this scale offers improvements all around, and we think it’s a great first scale or upgrade for anyone on the lookout for an exceptional pour over scale.

Usability Improvements

One of the biggest improvements from a usability perspective is the scale’s improved battery life and charging. The new battery can provide nearly 40 hours of usage time, up over the 25 hours from the previous model. On top of this, the battery is charged via USB-C, which means it’ll work with more modern phone and device chargers. Then there’s the contrast. Previous Pearl models could be a little bit difficult to read in direct light. The new pearl’s high contrast display makes reading it really easy in any lighting conditions. All of this combines with the heat resistant, grippy pad that comes in the box, and the Pearl’s incredible accuracy and responsiveness to give you a really wonderful package.

Interface Features

While not new, the Pearl’s app integration is still worth highlighting. You can connect to Acaia’s smartphone app to save details of your recipes that include many, many notes and recorded telemetry. You can then store and share these recipe details to recall the exact way you made a specific roast so good and send it to your friends. No other pour over tool offers this kind of feature or fidelity, so it’s a huge boost to the Pearl’s usefulness. The new Pearl also adds a flow rate meter and battery icon to the scale’s interface. The flow rate meter is especially useful, as it causes the scale’s display to light up and adjust based on your flow. This helps you maintain a consistent flow rate as you pour, resulting in better flavors and extraction. This data is also available in the app, but with the tracker on the scale’s interface you can use it when not also using the app.

Should You Upgrade?

If you already have an Acaia Pearl it might not be worth purchasing this new model. However, the new features are quite nice, and are worth it if your scale is aging or if you have a more budget option. It’s also a great scale for you if you know you love pour over and need your first scale, and are willing to spend a little more to get the very best option available.

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