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New! Auber PID for Rancilio Silvia

May 13, 2011 · accessories · how-to · Legacy · new products · rancilio silvia · videos
New! Auber PID for Rancilio Silvia

We love this little workhorse, but one of the baddest raps she gets is in regard to her temperature instability. It's the way the cookie crumbles when you're working with a small single boiler using a bi-metal thermostat to manage its temp. Folks have been tricking out their Silvias pretty much since day one, and the most popular modification is to add a PID, which will maintain the boiler's temperature within one degree of a setpoint you select. We tested several models and finally settled on these by Auber, which you can pick up and install on your own or add during purchase and have us install for you before the machine leaves our warehouse. Watch Gail talk about what a PID is and walk us through its functionality. These will be available for sale within the next couple of weeks.

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