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New: Behmor 1600 Home Coffee Roaster

May 5, 2010 · Legacy · new products · roasting
New: Behmor 1600 Home Coffee Roaster

While at the SCAA last month, we ran into the founder and creator of the Behmor home roaster, Joe Behm, and had an excellent conversation with him. We had been thinking about looking into expanding our home roasting options (given that the iRoast is MIA these days) and were interested in the Behmor 1600, so it was great to get the opportunity to see it in person. Our favorite thing is that it has smoke suppression technology, so you could theoretically use this in your home without your co-inhabitants kicking you and all your freshly roasted coffee to the curb. It is purported to roast between 1/4 lb. and 1 lb. of green beans to a medium roast -- although we have heard that it has a tough time with the higher end. We can't wait to get them in the store and play around with them -- watch this space for a crew review as soon as possible!

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