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New! BIA Cordon Bleu Cups

Dec 22, 2010 · accessories · espresso · Legacy · new products · reviews
New! BIA Cordon Bleu Cups

Look, you spent a pretty penny on your home espresso equipment, but you're still serving it up to your pals in a mishmash of mugs collected over the years at tourist traps and now-defunct cafes. It's time to upgrade.

Once we got our little paws on BIA's Cordon Bleu white porcelain Demi and vibrantly hued Espresso cups, we just had to have them. Yes, we covet these kinds of wares, and we're pretty sure you will, too, if you pick up a set -- so don't judge.

Coming in a bright, festive mixture of colors, the Espresso cups are 6 little numbers that you will not forget easily. Paired with a rainbow of saucers, this set is fun, funky and functional (three of our favorite f's).

For the daintier amidst us, the elegant set of 2 Demi cups and saucers are simple, refined and are sure to communicate to everyone who enjoys your exceptional espresso just how exceptional your espresso really is. We love their shape and their weight, and if we go into it any more, this blog will vary from it's usual PG-13 rating.

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