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New! CoffeeSmarts

Jan 4, 2009 · Legacy
New! CoffeeSmarts

Flavored lattes originated in:

  1. Seattle
  2. Rome
  3. Portland
  4. Vienna

You'll find out the answer to this and 59 other caffeinated trivia questions in CoffeeSmarts, a fun and interesting Q&A game that covers everything from coffee history to concoctions. In addition to the 60 Q&A cards, CoffeeSmarts includes a 16-page CoffeeTips guide with information on brewing, drinking and traveling to some of the world's most infamously perky places. Or...you can find out the answer...after the jump! The answer is..... Portland!

Espresso aficionado Brandy Brandenburger conceived of the flavored latte when he saw Torani syrups at a San Francisco cafe. Though the syrups were designed to be mixed with club soda, Brandenburger bought a few bottles a began experimenting back home in Portland. He added syrup to steamed milk, mixed in espresso and the flavored latte was born.

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