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New! Dammann Teas

Jun 4, 2009 · Legacy · new products
New! Dammann Teas

We like to think of ourselves as equal opportunity imbibers -- coffee, beer, wine, cocktails, juices, smoothies, water...and even tea. Of course. Tea, for us, is pretty simplistic: We have a deep and loving relationship with genmaicha, but we're willing to take a new tea out on a stroll every now and again. That's just how we roll. Enter Dammann Teas, the fresh and potent legacy of two French brothers who wanted to do tea and wanted to do it right. Available in both loose leaf and sachet, we can't seem to get enough of the 4 Fruit Rouges or the L'Oriental -- both are rich and complex, very delicious and a wonderful afternoon treat. If you dig teas, definitely give these a try -- we think you'll love them!

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