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New! Klean Kanteen

Dec 8, 2010 · accessories · coffee · Legacy · new products
New! Klean Kanteen

Mission: Find a water bottle that a) suits your fancy, b) is safe to drink from -- no BPA or other plastic toxins -- and c) is friendly to the environment. Accomplished: The Klean Kanteen! With it's stainless steel structure, the Klean Kanteen is more durable than other water bottles you may be lugging around and comes in both The 27 oz. Classic is the most popular size and is great for students running to class, kids dashing off to soccer practice, working professionals, gym-goers and even for the avid visitor of the great outdoors. Weighing in at only 6 oz. these sleek yet simple, light-weight water bottles are made from food-grade stainless steel which will prevent you from getting that gross aftertaste you may find lingering in your current water bottle -- vestiges from years of liquids past. As for the 16 oz. Insulated bottles, these are great for both hot and cold beverages. Like most water bottles that are used to keep you hydrated, this bottle acts as both a cooler, keeping iced drinks chilled for up to 24 hours, while it's alter ego transforms into a travel mug when you twist on the Klean Kanteen Wide Cafe Cap that will keep your steamy contents hot for up to six hours. But drinks aren't the only thing this thermos-like bottle can hold: Get creative at lunch time by filling it with your favorite stew, Chinese take-out or home made chili to keep it warm and ready to eat on the go. The Insulated bottle makes it easy to pour in and access with it's wide-mouth opening. These make excellent stocking stuffers -- so pick one up for someone you care about. And yes, that also means you.

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