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New @ SCG: Cafelat Tools of the Trade

Aug 17, 2010 · accessories · Legacy · new products
New @ SCG: Cafelat Tools of the Trade

After years of schleppin' java to the rumpled masses, the founders of Cafelat decided it was time to throw their tamper in the proverbial ring. Their line of professional-grade tools feature well-honed functionality set off by a sleek, classic design that seasoned baristas and home enthusiasts alike will dig. We now carry them at Seattle Coffee Gear, offering a few different styles of tampers, knock boxes and frothing pitchers -- but what we really love is the corner tamping mat (so stable!) and the tamping stand (an even tamp, finally!). Plus, their high quality construction and elegant lines also give your espresso setup the look of a seasoned pro, even if you're just starting to get the hang of it. ;)

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