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New Things to Try With Your Old Coffee Gear

Feb 9, 2022 · aeropress · coffee · espresso · pour over · press · stovetop
New Things to Try With Your Old Coffee Gear

Is your morning coffee routine getting stale? Need some ideas for ways to get a little more out of your coffee gear? We’ve got some ideas for you! There’s actually a lot you can do to breathe new life into your coffee setup by trying out some new techniques!

Try Some New Coffee

This may seem like a boring, easy answer, but one thing you can do is try some new coffee! Sometimes we forget that there’s a whole world of coffee options out there. If you’ve been drinking a stiff drip blend in your coffee maker it might be time to switch things up and give a single origin or new region a try. You can also look for coffees with different processes. A washed vs. a natural will produce very different flavors, so if you haven’t tried these different kinds of coffee before, now’s the time!

Try a Different Technique

Another thing you can do is try different styles of drinks. If you enjoy drinking lattes in your semi-automatic espresso machine you might want to try something completely different like a ristretto or an americano. Even if you have a superautomatic espresso machine, you can still try out some different drink options, and add flavorings like syrup for that cafe style drink. Different kinds of alternative milks can also create new flavor profiles that can help breathe some new life into your old coffee routine. If you prefer slow brewing you can play with coffee ratios a bit to adjust flavor. If you’re brewing with a press or pour over then there’s lots of ways to tweak your recipe including grind time, bloom time, and more. Aeropress users can try a myriad of different techniques as well!

Try a New Brew Method

While this may not use your current coffee equipment, there’s also always trying a new brew method. You can get presses, stovetop brewers, pourover drippers, and cold brew equipment for a really low cost. It’s part of why building out your setup with a solid grinder pays so many dividends. If you’re bored of your current coffee setup then it might be time to grab an AeroPress Go, Hario V60, or a stovetop brewer to try something new. We’re always on the hunt for new recipes too, so be sure to stay tuned to our YouTube channel for new coffee drinks from our resident mixologist, Ariel!

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