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Not Your Average Cup of Joe

Sep 8, 2009 · blogs · coffee · Legacy
Not Your Average Cup of Joe

Intelligent coffee? Look, if we could get our coffee to do things like take out the trash and feed the cat, we'd be all set. Actually, that's a little terrifying, strike that. We would, however, settle for it learning how to maintain its body temperature, but in the absence of that ability we'll take the next best thing: A new 'smart mug' that incorporates a wax-like substance that can keep coffee (or any beverage, for that matter) at its optimal temp for 20 - 30 minutes! That's right, no re-heating as you stumble through your morning. Sounds like this is just out of the creation stages, however, so we haven't been able to find any actual mugs for purchase on the US market, but we'll certainly keep our eye out for them.

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