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Our Freshest Coffee Gear!

Jun 14, 2021 · ascaso · news · philips · technivorm
Our Freshest Coffee Gear!

Hey coffee lovers, We've gotten some great new gear over the last few months and we figured we should share the crop in case you've missed anything! From drip brewers to superautos, here's a look at some of our freshest new gear.

Philips 4300 Superautomatic Espresso Machine

If you've been living under a giant coffee bean its possible you still haven't heard of the New Ascaso Machine and Grinder We're excited to bring you two new Ascaso items, the Steel Uno superautomatic espresso machine and the I-Mini Espresso Grinder! The Steel Uno takes a shot at delivering higher end performance with a built in PID controller and volumetric shots. The stark, modern look also cuts a striking image on your countertop. Pair it with the I-Mini's 54mm flat steel burrs and compact footprint and you've got yourself a decent little starter espresso setup! A great option for anyone looking at jumping into home espresso with something on the higher end of entry level, or if you want to start upgrading a bit into the prosumer market without spending more than $2,000. Be sure to head over to our new arrivals section for all of our newer gear!

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