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Perking Up Down Under

Feb 8, 2010 · Legacy · news
Perking Up Down Under

We love reading about the history of coffee and, in particular, how different extraction methods developed over time. But it's also interesting to track how coffee -- and the different prep methods -- were introduced in different parts of the world. Apparently, the history of espresso in Australia is a debated subject -- who brought it first and where. According to this article, the providence of espresso in Australia was the result of a competition between Gino di Santo and Peter Bancroft. They imported a Cimbali and a Gaggia, respectively, and installed them in cafes within weeks of each other in 1954. Another contender for Australia's godfather of espresso is Nando Verrenti, who installed a Faema machine in Melbourne, also in 1954. Whoever is responsible for getting Oz on the java track, it's no doubt that today they have one of the most fervent and creative cafe and espresso cultures in the world. With awesome experimental joints like The Sensory Lab in Melbourne or the creators of the uber-sexy all stainless steel stove top espresso/steamer combo OTTO hailing from Sydney, the Aussies are taking their rich history with espresso and pushing it forward in fun and inventive new ways.

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