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Philips 4300 Review

Jun 2, 2021 · espresso · philips · review · superautomatic
Philips 4300 Review

Philips has been building affordable, high performance superautomatic espresso machines for some time now. This is especially true when you consider the Saeco lineage that these machines come from. Philips recently introduced a new model to their superauto lineup, the 4300. What makes this machine different from other Philips superautos? Join us to find out!

What Carries Over?

Before we get into the new stuff, let’s talk about what this machine pulls from others in the line. You’re going to be getting the same great shots and drinks out of this machine that you get from other models like the Carina. You also get the same solid construction, compact case, front loading water and drip trays, bypass doser, and AquaClean ready filtration. Depending on which 4300 model you go with you might get the panarello steam wand or the same LatteGo milk steaming available on the 3200. All of this is good. The design and performance of the other Philips models is exceptional considering the cost of the machines. The shots these machines put out taste great and LatteGo milk steaming is among the best we’ve seen for superautos while staying convenient and easy to clean and maintain. So what’s new with the 4300?

What’s New?

The biggest change from previous Philips models is the interface on this new machine. Taking a cue from Saeco’s Xelsis, the 4300 features a screen based system. While it doesn’t have the touch capabilities of the Xelsis, this screen gives you a high degree of control over your drinks. Things like strength, volume, and milk froth can be adjusted using the display. While these parameters can be changed on other Philips models, the screen based interface is much more intuitive to work with. The real game changer here is that you can save your recipe to one of two profiles. This means that when you do put together that perfect recipe you can recall it with a couple of button presses. The machine also has a guest profile that doesn’t save the recipes for when you or a visitor want something different. This screen also gives you much deeper insight into things like cleaning schedules, maintenance, and controlling machine parameters. Instead of having to dig out your manual to find what button combination you need to press to change the machine’s temperatures, you can simply use the menus found on the touch screen. The whole process of adjusting everything from drink elements to seeing maintenance information is just much more intuitive with this display. Given the relatively minimal pricing difference between the 3200 and the 4300, we think it’s a really great option for anyone with the budget.


With all of that said, the 4300 is another excellent Philips superautomatic espresso machine fit for your countertop. It’s hard to beat the comprehensive interface found on this machine in the $500-1,000 price range. It might not be worth the upgrade if you still have a Carina or a 3200 going strong, but if you’re looking to get a LatteGo machine or already shopping for a new superauto, the 4300 is a compelling option.

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