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Philips Holiday Gifting Guide

Nov 15, 2021 · espresso · gifting guides · philips · superautomatic
Philips Holiday Gifting Guide

We love superautomatic espresso machines because they make coffee so much more accessible. You don’t have to spend a long time learning techniques, and you can get brewing without it taking up more time than you have in the morning. One of our favorite superauto brands is Philips, because they offer some of the most affordable lines of machines on the market. Let’s chat a bit about their holiday offerings this season for how to surprise someone on your list!

Philips Carina

The Carina is the perfect entry point for getting into superautomatic espresso. This machine is also one of the more giftable options in Philips’ lineup. We know it’s still an expensive product to buy as a gift, but with a group it becomes a little more attainable. This machine offers simple operation with a grinder built in and automatic dosing, tamping, and brewing. The milk steaming is manual, but quite easy with the Carina’s panarello steam wand.

Philips 3200 and LatteGo

The 3200 and the 3200 LatteGo are Philips’ next step up from the Carina. Both of these machines offer the same quality grinding and brewing of the Carina, but with just a little bit extra. The base 3200 offers a dedicated americano button and easier access to temperature control. The 3200 LatteGo is a little bit different, but very exciting.

The LatteGo comes with a milk steaming carafe that automatically steams delicious milk at the touch of a button. This means you can get automatic lattes and cappuccinos, making it even easier to get your morning coffee fix. The carafe can be detached and stored in the refrigerator, as well as taken apart for cleaning. These machines might be more suited as a gift for the whole family, but they are certainly wonderful holiday upgrades for your kitchen!

Philips 4300

The newest addition to the Philips line is the 4300 and the 4300 LatteGo. While these machines are similar to the Carina and the 3200 in appearance, the screen based interface is the real point of differentiation. This interface makes it even more intuitive to get your drinks, and lets you make extensive adjustments and programming. You can even save your drink recipes to multiple user profiles, making this machine a fantastic option for those looking to give a gift to the household for the holidays.

The LatteGo version of the 4300 is similar to the 3200, with its own automatic milk steaming carafe. Combined with the base model’s programmable options, this machine is a real breeze to operate.

All of Philips’ machines also come ready for AquaClean filters to help extend the time between descalings, helping even more with ease of use and maintenance!

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