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Recipe: Candied Orange Mocha

Jan 13, 2010 · espresso machine · Legacy · recipes
Recipe: Candied Orange Mocha

We really adore chocolate and orange together -- the flavors hearken back to our wayward youth and hanging around the neighborhood bakery, begging for the little chocolate orange rinds lined up on the shelves. Our nostalgia had driven us to experiment with chocolate sauce and orange syrup before, but we were always DENIED because the high citric acid level in the orange syrup caused the milk to curdle. Enter a rather dashing young tramp: Monin's Candied Orange Premium Gourmet Syrup, which is specifically designed to be used in drinks that also contain dairy -- curdle-free! This really is a red orange letter day. Ingredients

  1. Combine syrup, sauce and milk together, mix well
  2. Steam/froth milk until it reaches your desired temperature
  3. Pull shots into a pre-warmed cup
  4. Top with steamed chocolate-orange milk
  5. Enjoy it, okay?

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