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Recipe: Frosty Irish Latte

Dec 9, 2010 · espresso · Legacy · monin · recipes
Recipe: Frosty Irish Latte

If you spied us with your teensy little eye one blustery July day in 1995 (yes, blustery -- it was Ireland, after all), you would have seen us battling gale force winds on the tip of the Cliffs of Moher. As we scootched up to the edge of the cliffs on our belly (you know, in order to experience an endorphin-infused adrenaline rush inspired by viewing the devastatingly sheer drop), we noticed a smooth green pasture on the other side of the cliffs, filled with cows. These cows were taking care of their cow business -- grazing, chewing cud, contemplating their navels -- just a few feet from a seemingly flimsy fence that was the only barrier between them and the violent waves crashing on the rocks below. Despite teetering so closely to their imminent demise, they exhibited a special brand of zen that we have carried with us ever since. It is to these cows that we dedicate our Thursday recipe. C'mon -- you know you can make the leap. Enjoy. Ingredients

Directions Combine syrups together and pull shots into them. Mix thoroughly and then top with steamed milk to taste -- this really depends on how much sweetness you can handle, baby.

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