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Recipe: The Svetlana

Sep 29, 2011 · espresso · Legacy · monin · recipes
Recipe: The Svetlana

We know you went through a period of your life when you spent too much time sipping too many White Russians and your hazy memories of that period are equal parts confusing and terrifying. But we still care for you deeply and not only do we not think less of you, we respect your fortitude and the sheer, brute force with which you got your life back on track, eschewed all those sweet-n-creamy cocktails and put your nose to the grindstone. Now you have all the trappings of an upright citizen and you might even think you have so much going for you, a minor meander back through those bad ol' days couldn't hurt you, right? Right! We totally support you taking that first step down that slippery slope and indulging in our variation of this ne'er-do-well cocktail. In fact, we've even named it after that chick you met in a bar one night and who's name is still tattooed on your ________. Ingredients

Directions Mix the espresso, vodka and syrup together well, pour over ice in a 6 oz-ish cup. Top with half & half to taste. Send us a postcard from Irkutsk.

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