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Roast of the month: Elm Coffee Roasters—Ethiopia Worka Sakaro

Jul 19, 2018 · coffee · news · roast of the month · roasters
Roast of the month: Elm Coffee Roasters—Ethiopia Worka Sakaro

Delicate and Delightful

This month's Roast of the Month is Elm Coffee Roasting's fantastic Ethiopia Worka Sakaro! An extremely delicate roast, this single origin offers an incredible combination of flavors that are exciting and interesting every time you brew. Upon opening a bag of Ethiopia Worka Sakaro you'll be met with aromas of vanilla, smooth coffee, and flowers. It's inviting and delicious even before and during brewing. The intensity of the floral and vanilla notes in this roast are striking for a washed coffee. An incredibly bright and delicate mix of flavors comes together across the palate to delight. The vanilla is smooth and direct, with floral notes hitting around the edges of the palate. All of this combines with a rich coffee flavor that is strong for a light roast. Because of this, Ethiopia Worka Sakaro is a great every day roast. While we love the flavors and aromas of this roast, like many other delicate and floral coffees we do strongly recommend brewing it as a pourover. We also recommend you pick up a couple of bags of this one! Since this roast is a single origin, it likely won't last forever! Grab a bag of Elm's Ethiopia Worka Sakaro here today!

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