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Roast of the Month: Toby's Estate—Colombia Aidé Garro

Jun 29, 2018 · coffee · roast of the month · roasters
Roast of the Month: Toby's Estate—Colombia Aidé Garro

This month we're featuring an exciting, complex, and surprising single origin from Toby's Estate: Colombia Aidé Garro.

Fruity Delight

This delicious roast comes by way of it's namesake, producer Aidé Garro. The beans were grown in San Carlos, Urrao, Antioquia at an elevation of 200 meters. These beans are of the Caturra Chiroso variety and were wet-processed. One of the joys of this roast is how much of the original bean comes through. It's fruitiness is a clear remnant of the cherry surrounding the bean on the plant, but without the fermented taste of a natural. Specific notes of watermelon, cherry, and lime, as noted by Toby's, are present. These combine to create a delicious overall flavor with a buttery smooth mouthfeel.

Easy Drinking Complexity

Because this roast doesn't have the strong flavor of a natural, it means that it's easy to drink. We find this roast as an excellent way to get into more complex coffees because of this. This roast is best enjoyed as a pourover to pull the most delicate notes from the coffee. While you can brew it in a drip brewer, we do recommend against a press, as this coffee was specifically designed for drip methods. Get your own bag of Toby's Estate—Colombia Aidé Garro here today!

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