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Roast of the Month - Peru Eudes Vasquez

Jun 21, 2021 · coffee · culture · ladro · news · roast of the month
Roast of the Month - Peru Eudes Vasquez

It's time once again for another Roast of the Month! This month we're sipping on the delicious Peru Eudes Vasquez from Caffe Ladro. This coffee features delicious notes of strawberry candy, walnut, and dark chocolate. It's the second Peruvian coffee that we've featured recently. This speaks to the exceptional output we've seen from the country.

The Coffee

This coffee comes to us from the El Milagro cooperative in San Ignacio province within Peru. This farming cooperative is a small but dedicated producer group and mostly farms at an altitude of 1400 masl. The cooperative is based near the Rio Chinchipe river, and requires lots of work to transport. In order to get the green coffee to the nearest highway it must be taken in a vehicle on a raft across the river. This harrowing journey exemplifies the passion that the cooperative has for their crop. In the cup this roast offers a great balance between a candied sweetness and more neutral nut flavors. Just a slight hint of bitterness helps to remind you that you are in fact drinking a coffee! This mix of flavors gives the roast a really unique taste and we can't wait to see more similar coffees come from the region in the future. We would love to drink coffee this good year round! For best results, brew this one up as a pour over. That'll give you the widest spread of flavors and help you understand the coffee's intricacies. Like with every Ladro Micro Lot, this one won't last long. Don't miss it, grab a bag today!

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