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Roast of the Month: Tony's 50th Anniversary Blend

Feb 15, 2021 · coffee · espresso · news · roast of the month · tony's
Roast of the Month: Tony's 50th Anniversary Blend

It’s that time once again: Roast of the Month! This month we’re celebrating Tony’s Coffee’s impressive achievements with their 50th Anniversary blend! Oh, it’s a great tasting roast too, if that needs saying!

The Story

Tony’s has a long history of providing high quality coffee that tastes great and is easy to work with. Their Sugar Bee espresso (formerly Ganesha) is one of our absolute favorites, and many of our customers and fans agree. 2021 marks Tony’s 50th anniversary, that’s a long time for a specialty coffee roaster! Of course, they needed a roast to celebrate such a milestone year. If that weren’t enough, Tony’s has also won Roast Magazine’s Roaster of the Year award for 2021. We’re celebrating right alongside this phenomenal roaster by making their celebratory 50th Anniversary blend our Roast of the Month. With all of that in mind, we’d never pick a roast that doesn’t also taste great!

The Coffee

This 50th anniversary blend features fully washed beans from Ethiopia and Central America. The roast level is in the light-medium range, but we think it leans a little more towards medium. Tony’s lists classic tasting notes of citrus, milk chocolate, and caramel. We definitely concur that this is what you can expect with this coffee in the best way. It’s appropriate that a coffee celebrating the storied history of this prolific roaster also gets at such classically coffee flavors. This is also a versatile roast, working in a variety of brew methods. If you brew this one as a pour over you can expect more of those citrus notes and the sweeter parts of the milk chocolate. This roast also produces a balanced and full bodied drip brew, a delicious way to brew it. You’ll get that stiffer body and a heavy chocolate in a press, but this machine also works great as espresso. An easy to dial in roast for semi-automatic machines and the perfect pair for your semi-auto, this coffee is truly great no matter how you brew it. Tony’s 50th Anniversary blend is also organic, and fair trade, so you can feel good about drinking it too. This roaster roasts with 100% green power and has committed to carbon neutrality as part of their 50th Anniversary celebrations. Finally, we can’t forget to note that the beautiful art on the bag for this coffee was created by Jess Bonin, a local Bellingham, WA artist!

Great Coffee, Great Story

From its classic, tasty notes to the wonderful story behind Tony’s 50th Anniversary Blend, it was an easy choice for our February Roast of the Month. Whether you drink pour over, drip, press, espresso, or really any brewing style, we think you’ll love this one as much as we do. Don’t miss it, grab a bag today!

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