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Rocket Appartamento Vs. Appartamento TCA

Rocket Appartamento Vs. Appartamento TCA

As many of you know, Rocket Espresso released a really incredible update to the Appartamento espresso machine this month: the Rocket Espresso Appartamento TCA. This new machine is a really excellent new entry to the Rocket Espresso line, and sits alongside the original Appartamento as a value filled upgrade for any espresso lover working with a less advanced machine. So how do these machines compare?

The Looks

At first glance, the TCA looks a lot like the original Appartamento. It still has the side cutouts, that classic Italian styling, and the shiny chrome finish. However, as you look closer, you’ll catch some updated details. The clearest upgrade is the upgraded case, which is thicker, and has an updated cuprail. You’ll notice that new thickness in the side panels, which look even nicer with the chunkier case. Finally, the TCA introduces black powder coating options to the sides, giving the machine an even more premium look than the base Appartamento.

Aside from the case updates, you’ll also notice that the controls and the portafilter have a new look, and a gorgeous (and comfortable) soft-touch finish. All of this comes without any big increases to the size of the machine. These new looks take an already gorgeous machine and really kick it up to the next level. But what really matters is what’s on the inside.

The Performance

The biggest upgrade in the Appartamento TCA is the new temperature control. While the stability on the base Appartamento is impressive, the TCA provides more stability, and lets you adjust the temps. Controlled by the brew lever, you also get this additional adjustment without the addition of a screen that might ruin this machine’s aesthetic. We love this adjustability, as it is a feature that many users will want to grow into as they get deeper into their espresso hobby. 

The Appartamento TCA doesn’t just have new temperature options! This machine also adds a new optional standby mode that offers energy savings without fully powering down your machine. This mode will put the TCA into a low-power state that can still come up to temp quicker than a machine that’s all the way off.

Who’s it for?

The best part of the Appartamento TCA is that it’s already built on one of the best platforms for espresso in its class, and the Appartamento is still a fantastic machine for your first “step-up” model. While all of these upgrades are true improvements over the Appartamento, it will be up to the individual user to decide if the additional features warrants the increased cost of the TCA.

The true no-brainer audience for the Appartamento TCA is the user looking to push into a longer term espresso investment. From the looks and finish to the added programmability and customizability, the Appartamento TCA is a machine that will last well into espresso enthusiasm. With all of that in mind, the simplicity of the original Appartamento shouldn’t be discounted, and it might be a better choice for users who don’t need the extra features.

Still curious about how these two machines stack up? Check out our video comparison below!


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