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Rocket Espresso Holiday 2021 Guide

Nov 8, 2021 · coffee · espresso · rocket espresso
Rocket Espresso Holiday 2021 Guide

The holidays are almost here and one of the things many people use this time of year for is a big gift for the home. Upgrading your espresso setup can really be like a gift for anyone you entertain or live with, which makes it the perfect time of year to step up into that prosumer level of machine performance. So whether you’re looking for a big group gift, getting yourself a big treat, or working out something special for the whole family, an espresso machine from Rocket Espresso is the perfect choice. Let’s take a look at some of their options!

The Appartamento

The Rocket Espresso Appartamento is one of our absolute favorite espresso machines. The comparably affordable price tag and stellar high end performance from this machine makes it a great choice for budding home baristas. It’s got that solid metal construction you want from an Italian machine as well as other major features for home brewing perfection. The first is its heat exchanger boiler, which allows you to brew and steam milk at the same time. That goes a long way towards making you feel like you’ve got your own personal home cafe. Next, there’s the E61 group head, which heats your portafilter and keeps the temperature of your espresso stable until it hits your cup. This leads to better tasting shots and more even extraction. It’s hard to go wrong with the Appartamento, and while it does have a learning curve, it’ll lead to rewarding shots, lattes, cappuccinos, americanos, and more. For that extra bit of style, check out the Rocket Espresso Appartamento Nera!

Mozzafiato and Giotto

The Mozzafiato and Giotto are two similar Rocket Espresso machines that offer something a little more premium than even the Appartamento. These machines offer the performance of the Appartamento with the addition of PID controlled temperatures. This means more consistent recovery time and temperatures during brewing. You also get a shot timer that conveniently fades into the chrome face when not in use. The only real difference between the Giotto and Mozzafiato are their looks, so you can safely pick which one you like the appearance of the most. If you have a water line you want to run to a machine, these two are available in rotary pump versions, which you’ll need for that direct line hookup.

R58 Cinquantotto and R Nine One

These two machines represent the pinnacle of Rocket Espresso’s home lineup. On the one hand, the R58 Cinquantotto takes all of the best parts of the other machines mentioned above and adds in a dual boiler heating setup and an easier to use programming interface. There’s a lot you can do with its PID controller, like set auto-on times in the morning to make sure it’s running hot when you get up. But you can also more easily control boiler temps and get an idea for what’s going on inside the machine. The controller can be helpfully detached and hidden to preserve the look of the machine. The Cinquantotto’s dual boilers provide enough capacity to keep you slinging shots for hours without slowing down. The R Nine One is a totally different beast. This machine provides more performance than you’ll ever need, but the real trick is in its programming. Using the brew knob, you can apply water pressure by hand to emulate the pressure profile of just about any espresso machine. From there you can save that profile and recall it to get the same shot over and over again. This paired with that monster performance means the R Nine One is the very best home machine option for the truly dedicated espresso nerd. All of these options are fantastic big holiday treats, and we couldn’t be happier to recommend them. Check them out for your holiday kitchen upgrades!

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