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SCG Exclusive: Rocket Espresso R58 - Il Centesimo Giro d'Italia Edition

Sep 18, 2017 · espresso · rocket · semi-automatic
SCG Exclusive:  Rocket Espresso R58 - Il Centesimo Giro d'Italia Edition

What does it take to pull the perfect shot of espresso? Patience. Expertise. Precision. Diligence. A deep understanding of your materials. The list goes on with different preparation techniques from person to person informing your perspective. Espresso aficionados alike strive for that euphoric moment of perfection – a demitasse cup of liquid gold. While many tools exist to get you there, a select few reign supreme. The Reflecting a cyclist's wheel, each R58 Centesimo features custom engraving of every Giro d'Italia champion.[/caption]

The Big Race:

[caption id="attachment_14448" align="alignright" width="216"] Giro d'Italia 1953, Stage 4, Wim van Est and Gino Bartali[/caption]
  • Founded in 1909, the original Giro d’Italia was organized as a means to raise funds for the The one of a kind R58 Centesimo stands above the rest.[/caption]

    Details of Excellence on the R58 Centesimo:

    • Italian cycling history comes together with Milan-made espresso machine mastery featuring custom pink dials, packaging, tamper, and engraved side panels celebrating past winners of the Giro d’Italia.
    • Manufactured in Milan and limited to 100 machines. Only 9 exist in the United States and are individually numbered with a custom front face plant.
    • PID-Controlled Double Boiler allowing for superior control of steam and brew boiler temperatures. PID controller is detachable.
    • Plumb in adaptability; hosing included.
    • Classic E61 Group providing thermal stability at the head of the machine.
    • Insulated Steam Wand allowing for barista-quality steaming ability without the risk of burning your hands.
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    What does Gail think? Check it out!


    Don’t miss this opportunity to own a piece of Bicycle racing and espresso history. Buy your one of a kind machine here!

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