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Say Hello to Mother Tongue Coffee!

Jun 22, 2022 · coffee · espresso · news · roasters
Say Hello to Mother Tongue Coffee!

Mother Tongue Coffee is the newest roaster to come to Seattle Coffee Gear, and we couldn’t be more excited. When we look for new roasters to add to the SCG catalog, we look for more than just the coffee flavor. Of course, quality coffee is important, but we’re also looking for roasting partners that diversify the coffee landscape and work as a force for good in the industry. Mother Tongue Coffee represents all of the above to a high degree. Jen Apodaca began her roasting career in 2005 at a small shop in Portland, Oregon. She spent her time there learning from other roasters, but mostly by trial and error. After a time she moved back to California and worked with major roasters, further honing her craft. Through this work she developed significant experience and networking within the coffee industry, becoming an authority on roasting whether micro scale, or major nationwide projects. Jen used her wealth of knowledge and experience to run the Pulley Collective in West Oakland, chair the Coffee Roasters Guild, and found #shestheroaster. The latter “promotes and encourages self-identifying women in the coffee industry to become professional coffee roasters” according to the Mother Tongue website. Jen also runs the roaster with the help of a diverse, talented team. Mother Tongue’s stated goals are to create an equitable, “thriving” roaster that supports and appreciates the labor of every piece of the supply chain. They also push for a healthy dose of fun, eschewing the uptight nature of some third wave coffee roasters. When it comes to the coffee, they’ve got the goods too. Mother Tongue joins the list of specialty roasters with a killer dark roast in Nebula. This coffee manages to highlight the flavor of the coffee without overwhelming notes of earth and smoke. We love it, and we’re sure any fans of darker roasts will too. They’ve also got the delicious Bittersweet. This satisfying coffee features notes of crème brulee and dark chocolate. It really lives up to its name and fans of not-too-bitter coffee will love it. Finally, Mugshots is a fantastic medium-light blend that works great no matter how you brew it. Mother Tongue also offers a range of single origins, which we’ll carry on a rotation as well. We’ve loved every one we’ve tried, and you will too. Be sure to check out the whole Mother Tongue catalog at SCG today!

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