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Say Hello to Stone Espresso Machines

Feb 8, 2023 · coffee · espresso · stone
Say Hello to Stone Espresso Machines

Stylish and strong, we're excited to welcome Stone Espresso to the Seattle Coffee Gear lineup! Stone Swappable Style Stone's unique look is thanks to their "Slab" system. These side panels can be removed and swapped out for different colors and finishes, letting you updated the machine for your new kitchen style. This kind of aesthetic versatility is something we haven't seen before. It's forward thinking and really puts into action the idea that you'll want to keep this machine for years and years. And you'll be able to, as each Stone espresso machine is handmade in Milan, Italy to exacting standards. As cool as the Slab system is, it's not the only aesthetic decision that makes us excited about this machine. The footprint of Stone machines is one of their hidden bits of genius. At just 9 inches wide, these machines should fit on just about any countertop. This feature is even more useful when taken alongside the Slab system. It'll be a machine that can travel with you and fit in situations from apartments, to homes, to side table espresso nooks, even to RVs. All the while you'll be able to change up your Stone's look to accommodate its surroundings. Finally, the front of these machines are unique as well. Bold square design elements and its slim brew paddle is built right into the brew group, effortlessly blending in with the rest of the machine. Stone Espresso Machines really impressed us with all of these innovative aesthetic decisions, but what about what's under the hood?

Rockin' Performance

Looks aren't the only thing that Stone has going for it. The first impressive piece of the performance puzzle is these machines' 1000W 1.5L boiler. This boiler heats water to just below the brew temp, then a smaller cartridge heater located at the brew group heats the water the rest of the way. This clever design means two things. First, fast heat up times - Stones can be brought up to brew temp in 10 minutes or less. Next, it's temperature stability. With a heater right at the brew group you get rock solid temperature stability (no pun intended). Steaming performance on Stone machines is great too, with that 1000W boiler having no issue hitting stable steaming temps. With easy to use steam knobs and classic, professional style two hole steam tips you'll be whipping up lattes with ease with this machine. And that's really why Stone's offerings shine. These machines are attractive, innovative, and powerful without sacrificing usability. They can get you brewing in minutes, and anyone can learn to use them. They aren't too particular or finicky, but they also don't hold your hand too much. Plus, they adapt to your style and space.

Is Stone for You?

Are you looking for a machine to grow with that will stick by your side for years? Do you look for the perfect sweetspot between performance and design? A Stone might be perfect for you. When paired with a solid grinder, a Stone espresso machine can give you that perfect cafe coffee drink in less time than it takes at the shop. Whether you're just getting started with your prosumer espresso journey or looking for a machine to last you years and years, we think Stone might just have what you're looking for! Check out Stone's lineup HERE!

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