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SCG Experiments! Grind, Dose & Tamp

Jan 15, 2013 · coffee · Legacy
SCG Experiments! Grind, Dose & Tamp

Professor Bunny in the house! We have often been asked about how grind, dose and tamp affect each other, so we posed a few questions to learn more about it. First, how does coffee dosage affect coffee grind? As you dose more, do you need to make the grind coarser or finer? How about when you dose less? Then we turned to tamping: When you tamp more lightly, how do you have to adjust your grind to still extract within the 20 - 30 second timeframe? In these two videos, Bunny takes on these questions and a whole lot more! Watch her experiment with the Crossland CC1 and Baratza Vario-W and learn how to change your grind in order to meet your dose amount or tamp pressure.

How does Coffee Dosage affect Coffee Grind?

How does Tamp Pressure affect Coffee Grind?

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