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SCG in Portland: Illy Capsule Recycle

Apr 27, 2015 · coffee · illy
SCG in Portland: Illy Capsule Recycle

Continuing our "working" vacation in Portland, Gail took a moment to talk about the Illy Iperespresso Capsules. As you probably already know, Illy has made making espresso easier than ever. Using one of their capsule machines, like the Francis Francis Y1.1, you can be brewing up a tasty shot in seconds. No grinding or tamping required! But with a shot of espresso a day, the amount of used capsules can quickly get out of hand. So instead of throwing your capsules away it is best to recycle them! The Illy capsule recycle program is something we are proud to support. So, save your capsules, and anytime you visit our stores you can bring them in and we will recycle your capsules! Help us keep the world we share clean and caffeinated!

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