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SCG In Portland: Rocket Machines

May 9, 2015 · coffee · espresso · rocket espresso · semi-auto
SCG In Portland: Rocket Machines

Continuing our trip to Portland, Gail took a moment to look at all the Rocket Machines. Rocket has some of the best looking machines on the market, clean and traditional are a couple of words that come to mind. The top of the line is the double boiler machine, the R58. It is plumbable or you can run it off the water tank that comes with, the choice is truly yours! And boy can this machine steam milk! The service boiler (as it is called in Italy) is very powerful and something to get used to when you first open up your machine. Next up in the Rocket Machine line up is the with PID. The Premium Plus with PID also comes in both the Cellini or Giotto look, but is not able to be plumbed in. But, like the name suggests, it comes with a PID. The PID allows you to set the water temperature so you can really dial in your espresso shots. Watch the video to see each of these machines side by side... by side! And if you haven't already, subscribe to our YouTube channel by clicking here!

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