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SCG's Buyer's Guides

SCG's Buyer's Guides

Gift hunting season is on! For those with caffeinated accoutrement in their sights -- but who are not quite sure about their target -- we've created a series of introductory Buyer's Guides to give you some ideas. Check 'em out:

  • Back to School Coffee Fix for Students: Next semester is going to be even better than the last! Right? Right. Make it so with these java preps which require very little equipment and can easily produce excellent coffee from the convenience of cramped quarters -- like dorm rooms.
  • Give your Student the Gift of Espresso: It will increase their focus and concentration. They will get a 4.0. There won't be a grad school that won't accept them. They'll go on to be extremely successful in their field. They'll build you a little retirement cottage on a river somewhere. You will both thank that little espresso machine for years to come. Live the dream.
  • First Time Espresso Makers: 2011 is your time to shine. We've selected some excellent introductory espresso machines that will have you -- and/or the lucky beneficiary -- making your favorite espresso drinks at home with ease.
  • Picking a Grinder for your Cup o' Joe: If you know anything about us, you know we're serious about picking a good grinder. There are several out there that work for a specific purpose or budget, and this guide is a great primer.
  • Gadgets for the Espresso Enthusiast: Is buying coffee gear for someone in your life kind of like trying to buy Richard Branson something he doesn't already have? Here are some options for items they may not have in their setup -- although we make no promises here.

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