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Sicilian Summer Cold Brew with Olive Foam Recipe

Jul 11, 2023 · coffee · culture · recipes · videos
Sicilian Summer Cold Brew with Olive Foam Recipe

Check out this delicious and surprising olive oil twist on your favorite caffeinated beverage! Sicilian Summer Cold Brew with Olive Oil Foam - 4 oz cold brew - 1 oz orange simple syrup Topped with olive oil cold foam Garnished with crushed, roasted pistachios and orange zest Combine cold brew and orange simple syrup in a drink shaker filled with ice, and shake until well chilled. Strain into a rocks glass filled with ice. Top with the cold foam and garnishes. Olive oil cold foam - 1/4 cup cream or half&half - 1 tsp olive oil Aerate the cream and olive oil with a milk frother or by adding the ingredients in jar and shaking it vigorously. Orange Simple Syrup - 1 cup water - 1 cup granulated sugar 3 oranges, peels only Bring water to a boil, add sugar and orange peel, stirring until the sugar has dissolved. Remove from heat to allow the liquid to cool and flavors to infuse. Strain into an airtight container, and store in the refrigerator for up to 1 week. Thank you to Ariel for always creating our delicious recipes! Need a some cold brew gear to make your coffee? Check out our selection! See it made below!

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