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Single Origin: Velton's Finca Alaska

Mar 21, 2010 · coffee · espresso · Legacy · reviews · roasting
Single Origin: Velton's Finca Alaska

While we have an appreciation for the simplicity of many espresso blends, getting into single origins can be a sumptuous adventure. For his recent Holiday Blend, Velton imported a delicious Arabica from the El Salvador plantation Finca Alaska. This 2007 Cup of Excellence winner is a clean, smooth cup with bright lemon, fig, chocolate and even blackberry notes. He only has a small quantity left, so if you have a love for single origins and want to try this excellent varietal, we highly recommend picking it up. In fact, during our recent trip to Hario USA, this is the coffee we used to demo the gear and Edwin Martinez noted that it is one of the best coffees he's tasted in a long while -- even bringing it down to the plantation in Guatemala and impressing his counterparts there! Not sure if Velton's Coffee is worth the hype? Well, your local church folks sure thinks it is:

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