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Slayer = Control

Sep 24, 2009 · espresso · Legacy · news
Slayer = Control

Yesterday, we posted a video discussing brew pressure and how it applies to espresso extraction. Near the end, we talked about the Slayer espresso machine, which gives another customization option to the barista: Pressure profiling. The first machine to offer this on the market, it's no surprise that the Slayer is slowly finding its place amongst high end espresso enthusiasts around the world. But if the results are as amazing as we've heard, the Slayer could just be the first in a new generation of espresso machines. Earlier this week, The Seattle Weekly published a profile of the team, speaking with one of the founders, Eric Perkunder, and describing their current boutique-level factory. It's a great read if you're interested in the history and theory behind the invention of the Slayer. We're hoping to head out on a field trip in the near future to interview the guys and see the facility, plus play around with and watch a Slayer in action!

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