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Solis Gifting Holiday 2021 Gifting Guide

Nov 10, 2021 · coffee · espresso · gift guide
Solis Gifting Holiday 2021 Gifting Guide

One of our most accessible brands that we carry is Solis. This manufacturer only makes a few coffee products, but they’re each really great options for different users. Let’s take a look at them and get into what’s what for your holiday gifting!

Solis Scala

The Scala is one of our very favorite grinders for slow brewing. This is a simple, affordable burr grinder that offers performance well above what you’d expect given its price point. The Scala has a rotating hopper to adjust through its stepped settings, plus a timer that moves in 5 second increments to help you dial in your pour over or drip brews. This grinder is designed specifically for slow brew coffee, which can be a little counterintuitive. We know that it seems like it’d make more sense for Solis to make a grinder to match its Perfetta espresso machine. However, the Scala is a great way for anyone to get started with drip brewing, pour over, press brewing, or other coarser slow brew styles like cold brew. It also can be used with pressurized portafilter baskets, which the Perfetta does come with. Ultimately the Scala is affordable enough to be easily gifted and it will still provide a great grind for years. If you’re looking for a complete pour over package, check out our Brew Bundle, which includes everything you need for pour over aside from the hot water and the coffee beans!

Solis Barista Perfetta

The Perfetta is one of the best starter semi-automatic espresso machines we’ve encountered. It’s why we were so determined to bring it to our catalog, because it’s just so great. This machine offers brewing with both pressurized and unpressurized portafilter baskets, making it a great place to learn to dial in a grinder for espresso. The pressurized baskets provide extra backpressure to help with extraction even if your grind or tamp are off. On the flip side, the unpressurized baskets require a very specific grind and tamp to use effectively, but also offer more control. This kind of adaptability means that you’ll be able to easily go from newbie to espresso pro with one machine. It also means you may not be looking for any upgrades for quite some time. The Perfetta also features solid steam performance and fast heat up times making it simple, but high performing. This machine might be a lot for one person to purchase as a gift, but it makes a great group buy or gift for the whole family!

Solis Accessories

This one’s a little simpler, but Solis’ range of accessories really helps complete the experience. They also make great gifts. The Mavea water filter may seem boring, but keeping a fresh one in your Perfetta makes a big difference. The rubber tamping mat in the collection is a good utilitarian mat that helps protect your portafilter and your countertop when tamping. Finally, the Solis knock box is a simple plastic receptacle for your expelled espresso pucks. The best part? The wooden dowel can be easily replaced once it gets a little too old or dirty. All of these items make great, affordable gifts for someone who might be upgrading their espresso setup this year! We hope this has given you some ideas, Solis really does have great gifts for just about any coffee lover!

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