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Solis Perfetta Review

Nov 2, 2020
Solis Perfetta Review

If you’ve spent some time on Seattle Coffee Gear you’ve probably seen some of our exclusive machines. When we bring a machine on as an exclusive like this it’s because we feel it’s a unique piece of gear that just needs some help getting into customers’ hands. We’re excited to share that the Solis Perfetta joins our lineup of exceptional exclusives. Read on to learn more about this mighty little machine!

The Basics

The Solis Perfetta is a unique offering because it’s sort of an “Entry level plus” machine. While machines in the $100-200 range exist, we usually don’t recommend them unless it’s to someone unsure if they’re even interested in owning an espresso machine. They’re the sorts of machines you’ll likely replace within a year or two of purchase should they hold your interest. For those who already know that they want to get started in the home espresso world, we point to the price range of the Solis Perfetta. There are other great machines in this price bracket, but what impressed us about the Perfetta is how much more it offers. This is a machine that can get you started, and act as a solid platform for brewing espresso and steaming milk for years. This all starts with its reliable basic design features. The Solis Perfetta is powered by a single thermoblock boiler that offers quick heat up times and solid performance. You’ll also get a commercial style single hole steam wand perfect for creating microfoam for your lattes and cappuccinos. You can also pull hot water through the steam wand for americanos and rinsing. On the portafilter front, the Perfetta comes with both pressurized and non-pressurized portafilters, and the pressurized filter works with E.S.E. pods without the need for an adapter. All of this means you’ll have the basics for a great home espresso experience there for you from the start. You can start learning how to dial in a shot with your pressurized filter, then graduate to the true art of pulling with an unpressurized basket when you’re ready. Excitingly, this also allows you to use an existing brew grinder that can grind fine enough to pressurized espresso to get started. You’ll also be able to steam up milk with some great textures for lattes and cappuccinos, or brew an americano right there with the hot water dispensed from the steam wand. What really impresses us about the Perfetta though is the ways in which it brings more high end features to this great price point.

The Details

First of all, the Solis Perfetta includes auto-purge solenoid valves, which may seem confusing, but it’s a big deal. These valves help the machine handle pressure buildup in the portafilter, which is what makes this brewer really work for using non pressurized baskets. For comparison, this is a feature found on high end Rocket Espresso machines and similarly priced offerings. It’s rare to find it in a $400-600 machine. Next up there’s the programming. This machine allows you to program shot times in for both single and double shots. That means once you dial in your shot you can simply push the button next time and get the same result every time. This also cuts out a variable as you learn. Getting different volumes from shot to shot? You’ll know it’s not an issue with your shot timing, helping you to adjust your tamp or grind to compensate. Beyond programming shot times, you can also adjust the brew temperature. While we recommend starting with a stock standard 200 degree fahrenheit temperature, the ability to explore the effects of water temp on espresso is huge. This is the sort of feature we tend only to see on machines at or above the $1,000 mark. A built in manometer should provide some additional flair, and can help you track down certain issues with your shots too. Finally, there’s the case. While this machine has a small reservoir and drip tray, it makes up for this with it’s great footprint. The Perfetta should fit next to a grinder on just about any countertop, and that makes it easier to use for those just getting started as well. It’s also solidly built, with metal and plastic components that don’t feel cheap or compromised. The most important part though? The Solid Perfetta brews great shots. Really. We were very impressed with the taste and consistency of espresso pulled on this machine, and it’s why we decided to bring it on. Check out the Solis Perfetta today, and get started on your espresso journey!

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