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Tech Tip: How to Clean the Mahlkonig Pro M Series Coffee Grinders

Aug 20, 2013 · how-to · Legacy
Tech Tip: How to Clean the Mahlkonig Pro M Series Coffee Grinders

In the final installment of our home grinder cleaning series, Gail guides us through the Pro M series by Mahlkonig. A few years ago, we had the opportunity to use the Mahlkonig K30 Vario during a class we took at the annual SCAA exhibition ... and it blew us away. The grind consistency, dosage speed, programming functionality -- it left nothing to be desired. When we were contacted by Mahlkonig's US counterpart about a home-focused grinder that they were working on, we were thrilled and couldn't wait to get our paws on it. Since then, they have released two variations of the Pro M series -- the All Around and the Espresso -- which both feature high grade ceramic burrs and provide excellent grind quality. The Espresso version even features a digital user interface screen! Their internals are designed in a way that some people find a bit intimidating, so we'll often receive service calls from folks with clogged grinders because they haven't been taking them apart and thoroughly cleaning them often enough. Once you see how the machine is built, you'll understand why this level of maintenance is required with the Pro M grinders, and it's really not all that difficult to get the grinder apart, clean it and then put it back together again. Using the Espresso version (since there are some electronics involved), Gail demonstrates the process for us in this how-to video. If you haven't been performing this level of maintenance on your Pro M, watch how it's done and then you'll be able to clean it with confidence!

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