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Tech Tip: How to Clean the Mazzer Mini Coffee Grinder

Jul 29, 2013 · cleaning · grinder · mazzer · tech tips
Tech Tip: How to Clean the Mazzer Mini Coffee Grinder

Taking sweet and loving care of your burr grinder is pretty much the best thing that you can do for it. After all, it really is the most important part of your coffee making setup! So we asked Gail to guide us through the process of taking apart, cleaning and putting back together several of the different grinders that we carry. First up in the series are the ever-popular Mazzer Mini models -- both the standard doser hopper version and the electronic doser version. While they manage dosage a bit differently, their internals are pretty much the same so you get to the burrs and care for them in the same way. Even if you're running Grindz through your beloved every month (like you know you should!), performing this thorough cleansing a few times each year will ensure that your grind remains consistent -- and also that you're grinding only the freshest of coffee. Ready to take this on yourself? Watch Gail break it down, clean it up and put it all back together again.

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