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Technivorm Moccamaster KBGV Select Review

May 24, 2021 · coffee · drip · reviews · technivorm
Technivorm Moccamaster KBGV Select Review

There’s a new Technivorm in town! This classic drip brewer manufacturer releases new models pretty rarely, so we’re always excited when they bring something new to the table. We’re going to take a look at the new Moccamaster KBGV Select from the inside and out, let’s get started!

The Outside

There’s a reason that Technivorm doesn’t expand their catalogue often, and it’s because the Moccamaster line just works. They’re simple brewers with variations in size and carafe material, but they all work similarly. They all also share a striking visual design that evokes modern industrial aesthetics. The Moccamaster Select maintains the striking design and high quality case components of other models in the Moccamaster line. In fact, the KBGV Select is almost indistinguishable from past KBGV models if you put them side by side. We don’t think this is a bad thing at all. We firmly feel there’s no reason to fix what isn’t broken. The only noticeable difference with this brewer is the change in switches. On previous KBGV models the switch would control how long the heating plate stayed on for. With the new Select, it controls the main new feature of the brewer. Using this switch, you can select a half pot or full pot. We’ll get into what this means for the machine in the next section!

The Inside

The inside of the Moccamaster Select is similar to other KBGV models. You’re getting the incredibly stable and high quality Technivorm heating element and other internal components. The result is excellent coffee with great temperature stability and good water flow. But what about the switch that puts the “Select” in Moccamaster Select? It’s all about flow control. Maintaining a steady flow rate is really important for brewing the best pot of coffee. Ensuring that the water isn’t being dumped onto the grounds, but making sure the coffee bed stays saturated is important. As you can imagine, using different amounts of coffee means that the flow rate you should use changes. The Moccamaster Select lets you account for this with its selector switch. This gives you the ability to brew a full pot or a half pot while maintaining the high quality you expect from a Technivorm. That flexibility means you’ll be able to brew half a pot of coffee for yourself or a full pot for the family with one machine. No more wasted coffee or need for other coffee gear to brew smaller amounts for one.

Who is it for?

If you’re already happy with your drip brewer then this new Moccamaster may not shift your whole coffee paradigm. However, if you’re someone frustrated with the half pot brewing capabilities of your machine this might be the perfect upgrade. If you’re shopping for a new drip brewer anyway, we really thinking you can’t go wrong with Moccamaster, and the added flexibility of the Select is hard to pass up. This is an excellent brewer that continues the tradition of high quality Technivorm coffee makers while adding a little something extra. Check out the Technivorm Moccamaster KBGV Select today!

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