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Technivorm Temperature Testing

Dec 5, 2009 · coffee maker · coffee makers · Legacy
Technivorm Temperature Testing

Technivorms have been hailed as the drip coffee maker, primarily because they have excellent temperature regulation and are set to extract at just the right heat to get a rich, full flavored coffee without the bitterness (burnt/overextracted) or sourness (too cold/underextracted) that you sometimes find with other coffee makers that aren't heating up to the ideal temp. One thing that people have asked us is how hot the coffee is after it's brewed, and then how long it stays hot when in the thermal carafe. So this week we brewed up a pot and then tracked its temperature throughout the day, with the following results:

Hours Temperature
Freshly Brewed Out of Thermo-Carafe 180 degrees
1-Hour Later 172 degrees
2-Hours Later 162 degrees
3-Hours Later 160 degrees
4-Hours Later 158 degrees
5-Hours Later 150 degrees
36-Hours Later 105 degrees in a 75 degree room

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