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The Best Coffee Stocking Stuffers of 2022

Nov 10, 2022 · accessories · best of · coffee · espresso · stocking stuffers · top 3
The Best Coffee Stocking Stuffers of 2022

It’s time for another of our Best of 2022 lists, and this time we’re tackling stocking stuffers! We know, it’s a bit of a dated term, but it’s a great way to describe gifts that are smaller in size. We’ve got our three standard categories for this one, crowd pleaser, top features, ultimate pick, and then an honorable mention. Let’s jump in!

Crowd Pleaser

Everyone loves getting coffee. We know, this seems obvious, but coffee really makes a great gift. One of the best and most affordable stocking stuffers we’ve got is a gift subscription to our Coffee Club! Your giftee will enjoy delicious coffee options from around the world that are hand picked by our coffee experts. Our coffee club selections are carefully chosen to bring you delicious roasts that work in a variety of brew methods. This way, you don’t have to worry that the person you’re gifting the subscription to is going to brew the coffee incorrectly. This one was a short and sweet pick, but it was easy to settle on!

Top Features

For our Top Features pick we’ve got the AeroPress Go Portable Coffee Maker. If you’re not familiar, the AeroPress combines concepts found in press brewers, pour over, and espresso into a unique and easy to use brewer that people love. Using the AeroPress is easy, just add a filter, coffee, and hot water, then stir gently and allow it to steep. When ready, position the brewer over your mug and press down on the plunger. It will use a naturally generated cushion of air to push your brewed coffee through the filter. The result is a silt-free cup with very little work or prep time. The AeroPress Go makes it even easier by combining the brewer and a cup into one compact package. It’s great for using at home, at the office, or while traveling! Plus, with all of the ways you can tweak your brewing parameters for this press it’s an easy choice for Top Features.

Ultimate Pick

Our Ultimate Pick for the top stocking stuffers of 2022 is the Acaia Lunar Smart Espresso Scale. This scale may be on the higher end of the price scale for this list, but it's worth it. Compact and water resistant, the Lunar is designed to be used during the shot pulling process. With a built in shot timer and precision accuracy, it’s a great tool for perfecting your espresso shots. Because measurement is so important for brewing coffee it’s really best to use the same method for grounds in, and shots out. With the Lunar you can see that weight information in real time as you brew. Because of this we think it really justified its price point and makes for the ultimate accessory for any espresso enthusiast.

Honorable Mention

As an honorable mention we wanted to give a shout out to the Hario V60 coffee dripper. Available in a variety of colors and materials, this dripper is an affordable way to get someone started on their pour over journey. It’s a really great gift too, because it’s so affordable. Attending a low dollar gift exchange? A pour over dripper like the V60 is the perfect pick. We hope this top 3 list has given you some ideas for your holiday shopping!

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