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The Best Slow Brewers of 2023

Oct 10, 2023 · best ofs · coffee · drip · news · press · reviews
The Best Slow Brewers of 2023

It’s time for another 2023 Best Of list, and today we’re talking slow brewing! When we say slow brewing we mean methods other than espresso. Typically this focuses on pour over, drip, and press brewing. As usual, we’ve got our crowd pleaser, features pick, and ultimate choice, along with an honorable mention. Let’s get started!

Crowd Pleaser - AeroPress Clear

The AeroPress is absolutely one of the biggest fan favorites among press brewing methods. The new clear version of this press swaps out the smoky finish on the original plastic for a fully clear treatment so that you can see your brew. But for those unfamiliar, what is the AeroPress? The AeroPress is a press style brewer that features a brew chamber and a plunger. The two things that set this brewer apart from other presses are the fact that it uses a paper filter to keep grit from making it through to the cup, and it uses the air in between the plunger and the water to push the coffee through. The result of these elements is a unique flavor that some liken to espresso as much as press brewing thanks to the extra pressure. One of the coolest things about the AeroPress is the various techniques that people have developed to brew with it. Some use the suggested instructions to make a concentrate, but through various alternative brewing methods you can really get all sorts of different flavors. We love the new clear version of the AeroPress, which is both more durable and more scratch resistant - it shows that there’s still ways to adjust this classic brewer for new users, and we couldn’t be bigger fans!

Top Features - Breville Precision Brewer Tribute Edition

The Breville Precision Brewer is a classic, longstanding option on this list. We’ve loved this machine for years, and it’s why we offer the exclusive Tribute Edition that packages a pour over attachment with the coffee maker. But what is it that makes this machine so great? It starts with versatility. With brew basket options that work with cone and flat bottom filters, you can really easily incorporate this brewer into your morning routine. It also has a variety of settings to help you get that perfect cup. With a wide range of settings for things like half pot brewing and iced coffee you know you can always get exactly the brew you’re looking for. On top of this, you can granularly tweak settings to get even more specific if you have parameters you like to use for pour over that you want to use with the Precision Brewer. Not in the mood for all of that extra adjusting? The Precision Brewer’s Gold Cup setting will produce a perfect pot brewed to Specialty Coffee Association standards. With the included pour over attachment on the Tribute Edition you can also get a great single cup of pour over coffee.

Ultimate Pick - Moccamaster KBGV Select

Technivorm has been one of the kings of slow brew coffee for quite some time now. Their classic aesthetics and best-in-class components really make them the go-to choice for anyone who wants no frills brewing. We say no frills because this brewer is definitely on the simpler side to operate. Instead of packing in the programming of the Precision brewer the KBGV Select only really has one adjustable option, and that’s whether you want to brew a half or full pot. This lack of programming may seem like a knock against the machine. Why would one pick this over the feather-loaded Precision Brewer? The answer is usually because some coffee fans just don’t want all of those extra options on the Precision Brewer. If you’re someone who just wants a great cup of coffee without extra fuss, this really is the option for you. The other reason to buy a Moccamaster is the solid build quality. While the start modern aesthetics of this machine may not be for everyone, The quality components will be. With solid construction and excellent internal parts, we have seen Technivorms last for a long time. This generally excellent brewing paired with the long-term reliability of the machine is what makes it our ultimate pick for 2023!

Honorable Mention Bonavita Enthusiast Coffee Maker

Our honorable mention for this list is the Bonavita Enthusiast Coffee Maker. This coffee machine doesn’t have the programming of the precision brewer, or the aesthetics and build quality of the KBGV Select, but it gets close on both fronts. The real thing to shout out with this machine is the value. When compared to options like the KBGV Select and the Precision Brewer, the Bonavita Enthusiast gives you plenty of bang for your buck. It may not last you 15 years, and it doesn’t have extensive programming, but the Enthusiast does make some great coffee. As usual, we recommend trying out coffee from these machines first if you can. If you’d like more thoughts on 2023’s slow brewing landscape you can check out our video with John below!

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