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Top 3 Coffee Accessories of 2021

Sep 27, 2021 · accessories · best ofs · coffee · espresso
Top 3 Coffee Accessories of 2021

t’s time for a look at some of our favorite accessories of 2021. These are items that add on to your coffee experience, or in some cases, define it! Let’s take a look.

Acaia Pearl

The Acaia Pearl is an essential tool for any fan of pour over coffee. This scale is designed with a host of interactive features. This scale received an update this year which is a big improvement over the already great offering in years past. The Pearl provides a high degree of accuracy, and the new model offers extremely fast response time. It’ll keep your pour over ratios accurate and update quickly enough to keep you from pouring too much. The new version also features an update flow rate indicator, and a battery life indicator. Speaking of the battery, this scale now runs for up to 40 hours, and with USB-C rechargeable batteries it’ll be ready for action again in a flash. The update also brings a higher contrast display. This version also connects to the Acaia app, giving you loads of telemetry about your brewing. So what’s the point of all this? By reviewing your pour over data over multiple brews, you can start to dial in flow rates and timings to figure out exactly how to reach your optimal pours. This means you’ll get delicious, repeatable pour over recipes that you can recall and enjoy again and again. This combination of features makes the Acaia Pearl the very best scale on the market for those who want the most out of their pour over.

Solis Accessories

One thing you don’t always consider when purchasing a new espresso machine is all the extras you might need. That’s where these accessories from Solis come in handy. The Solis Knockbox is a simple option for purging your espresso pucks. The construction is an easy to clean plastic that you can wash out with zero difficulty, and the wooden dowel in the the middle can be easily replaced if it starts to wear or get too dirty. The Solis Tamping Mat is a real counter saver, and has a handy lip to keep it from sliding around while you tamp. These are both very simple accessories, but we’re featuring them because they get the job done, and they’re extremely affordable.

Coffee Subscriptions from Seattle Coffee Gear

We know, we know, we’re cheating a bit here. But most coffee lovers would agree that the beans themselves really are the most important part. We’ve done a lot of work to upgrade our subscription service this year, bringing you fresh coffee to your door on the schedule you select. You can save 5% when you build your own box, or you can sign up for the SCG Coffee Club and get hand curated options selected by our experts! These subscriptions also make the perfect gift for the holiday season. We hope you’re enjoying our top 3 content, we’ve still got a couple more lineups to come!

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