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Top 3 Brew Grinders of 2021

Sep 20, 2021 · best of · coffee · grinders
Top 3 Brew Grinders of 2021

Today’s Top 3 writeup features our favorite grinders for slow-brew methods! These grinders are the perfect solution for all of your pour over, drip brewing, and press needs. From solid, low cost options to a luxury grinder loaded with bells and whistles, these are our 2021 favorites!

Solis Scala

The Solis Scala is one of the very best entry level grinder’s we’ve used. Don’t let the price point and simple design fool you, this grinder has it where it counts. Conical steel burrs ensure consistent grinding with surprisingly few fines for a grinder this affordable. We’ve also seen these burrs and the motor inside hold up for well over a year with no signs of slowing down yet. Add in adjustable timed dosing and this truly is a wonderful starting point for anyone getting started with coffee. It’s also a great secondary grinder to a dedicated espresso grinder. While the Scala can’t go fine enough for unpressurized espresso brewing, it can handle just about everything else. Since it has such a compact footprint and low price, it’s a great option to pick up alongside your espresso setup so you won’t have to adjust for a different brew method. All of this makes the Scala one of our favorite coffee grinder options for 2021!

Eureka Mignon Crono

Our other two entries into our grinder top threes are more focused. The first is the Eureka Mignon Crono. This grinder is built on Eureka’s fantastic Mignon platform. Mignon grinders have been one of our go-tos for espresso grinding for years, and the Crono offers that level of quality and control but built for brew. With a grind path designed specifically for the volume and size of brew grounds, you’ll get low static dosing. Plus, with a precision stepless adjust you’ll be able to tease more flavor out of your pour overs. Finally, timed dosing makes it easy to recreate volumes. This all makes the Crono the best choice for a pour over enthusiast looking to experiment with very precise grind settings. The stepless adjust can make it hard to use at first, but once you’ve learned how to dial in your brews you’ll be in pour over paradise. We love the precision, speed, and reliability of the Crono, so it was an easy choice for this list!

Fellow Ode

This entry is another one for enthusiasts, especially those who enjoy every bell and whistle out there. The Ode is Fellow’s love letter to brew grinding, featuring unique, innovative features that elevate brew grinding and make it a true joy to use. First, there’s the performance, which is excellent. Fast grinding, very few fines, and consistency are all here. While the Ode may have fewer settings than something like the Crono, it covers the slow brew range well, and is very easy to adjust with it’s large dial and stepped settings. On the dosing front, this is a grinder designed for measuring your grounds ahead of time, then dropping them into the hopper. The grinder then shuts off automatically when it’s done grinding through those beans. The Ode also has nice creature comforts like a built in knocker to knock loose retain grounds, and a magnetic catch bin that clicks into place to avoid mess. This is a premium grinder for true enthusiasts, but definitely one of our favorites this year! We hope you’re enjoying our Top 3 content, check back all month long as we work through the categories!

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