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Top 3 Coffee Grinders of 2022

Oct 9, 2022 · 2022 · best of · coffee · grinders · review · top 3
Top 3 Coffee Grinders of 2022

If you're looking for the best coffee grinders of 2022 we've got you covered. It can be tough to shop for a grinder when you're not sure what sets different options apart. From price, to burr size, to programming, and more, there are a lot of pieces of the puzzle, and you want the process of picking out your next grinder to be as simple as possible. This year we've compiled our 3 current favorites, each in a different category. Our Crowd Pleaser pick is affordable, easy to learn to use, and still produces great results. Our Top Features pick offers loads of features even if it's a bit more to get the hang of. Finally, our Ultimate Pick gives you the best combination of features and performance if you have the budget. We've also got an honorable mention in case none of those three meet your needs! Let's jump in:

Crowd Pleaser

Our Crowd Pleaser pick for our best coffee grinders of 2022 is the Solis Scala Zero. The Scala Zero is a small, affordable grinder that doesn't skimp on performance. This grinder is really simple to use - it just has a timer in 5 second increments and the hopper twist to set grind setting. This makes it perfect for newer users, because you don't have to worry about complex programming. We love the grounds quality from the Scala - especially considering the price. What puts the "Zero" in Scala Zero is really the low static technology in the grounds chute that reduces cling. While it may not completely eliminate static 100% of the time, this system does drastically cut down on it. It also helps keep your ground fluffy and less clumpy like you see from similarly affordable grinders. Another nice bonus of the Scala Zero is it actually has grind settings on the fine end that'll work for espresso. Typically we don't recommend most brew grinders for espresso because they don't grind fine enough. The Scala Zero is the rare exception. This grinder actually has those fine settings making it possible to use it with entry level espresso machines. Obviously if you want to invest in a high end espresso machine you should do the same for your grinder, but the Scala Zero is a great grinder to have to try a variety of brew methods to see what you like. For these reasons it's an easy pick for our Crowd Pleaser spot.

Top Features

Our Top Features pick is the Baratza Virtuoso+ Coffee Grinder. Baratza has always made incredible grinders, and the Virtuoso+ is no different. Of course, to make this list at all a grinder has to have great performance. In this department the Virtuoso+ delivers resoundingly. There's no slow brew method that this grinder won't develop perfect grounds for. From drip to cold brew and everything in between, we love the quality of coffee you can make with this grinder. But the Top Features category isn't just about performance. It's hard to develop truly impressive features for something as conceptually simple as a coffee grinder, but the Virtuoso+ does great work in this regard - here's how. First, there's the grind timer. You can program the Virtuoso+ to grind for up to 45 seconds. This is great for your daily cup, as you can measure out the right amount and then recreate that volume every time with the right time setting. Timed grinding isn't necessarily revolutionary, but the simple dial and backlit display make it very easy to use. The lit up catch bin is also a really great touch. This "stage lighting" helps you do use this grinder in the early morning when you need your coffee but don't want to light up the kitchen. Both of these features plus the Virtuoso+'s simple grind adjust really made us fall in love with it this year.

Ultimate Pick

Our Ultimate Pick for slow brew grinding in 2022 is the Fellow Ode. The Ode is an expensive brew grinder, but it still presents excellent value when you consider what it's doing. This grinder is designed for single-dosing your beans. If you're not familiar, single-dosing is when you store your whole beans outside of your grinder in a storage solution, then measure out exactly how much you need for your brew using a scale. This kind of precision measurement will result in even better coffee than just eyeballing an amount from your grinder. It's particularly useful for pour over brewing, but this system of measuring your grind works for any brew method. The Ode supports single-dosing with its small, low profile hopper, which it grinds all the way through then automatically stops once the hopper is empty. You can set the grind size with the big, simply dial on the front of the grinder, and a magnetized catch bin helps keep the bin in place and minimizes mess. Finally, the knocker attached to the grinder allows you to knock out any retained grounds so you don't have to smack the grinder to get all of those extra grounds out. These features are all nice, but they're backed up by incredible grind quality and consistency as well. The burrs in the Ode are carefully engineered to provide the best and most consistent grounds for slow brew methods, and it really works. Top it off with an aesthetically pleasing modern design and a small footprint, and it's an easy pick for the ultimate coffee grinder in 2022 for us.

Honorable Mention

For our honorable mention we're going with the Eureka Mignon Filtro. The Mignon line is generally engineered for espresso, but the Mignon Filtro represents one of Eureka's attempts at building a brew grinder, and it's a great choice for some users. We say some users because the big thing that sets this grinder apart is its stepless grind adjust. All of the other grinders, and most coffee grinders generally, use a stepped grind adjust. This steps on the dial set the burrs defined distances apart. This works fine for most users, but if you really love to tweak your pour over then a stepless adjust could be the pick for you. Stepless grind adjusts work like a screw and provide infinite grind settings. This is usually more popular for espresso, but dedicated home brewing enthusiasts will find that you can also use this precision control to great effect for pour over. It's trickier to use this adjustment because unlike a stepped setting you can't just look up where to start. You have to find the right setting for your coffee and brew method by feel, and you really won't want to change it if you can avoid it. In this way, the Eureka Mignon is maybe not the best choice for everyone, but its all around solid construction, design, and performance combined with that unique adjustment method makes it the perfect choice for the right user. We hope these picks help you on your quest for your best brew grinder option!

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