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Top 3 Luxury Espresso Grinders of 2021

Sep 29, 2021 · best ofs · coffee · espresso · grinders
Top 3 Luxury Espresso Grinders of 2021

We’ve already covered our all around favorite espresso grinders for 2021, but some users want something a little more. These grinders represent high-end luxury options for the at-home espresso hobbyist. From ultra-consistent grounds, to high speed grinding, these are grinders that you may not need but you absolutely will want. Let’s jump in!

Eureka Atom 75

The Atom 75 is one of the most premium options you can put on your countertop. The Atom 75 features 75mm flat steel burrs that offer some of the fastest grind times available. With a stepless bottom burr adjustment you’ll be able to get highly precise grounds and hassle free maintenance. Additional bells and whistles come in the form of this grinder’s incredible sound insulation and excellent programming options. Finally, Eureka’s ACE system helps to eliminate clumping, leading to fluffy, consistent grounds. This is truly the peak of home grinding excellence alongside the Rocket Espresso Fausto line. Speaking of…

Rocket Espresso Fausto Touch

The Rocket Espresso Fausto Touch is a recent update to the previous Fausto from the manufacturer. This grinder offers 65mm high speed burrs, touchscreen controlled dosing, silent grinding, and a stepless adjust. It’s all wrapped up in a gorgeous chrome finish perfect for sitting next to a shiny Italian espresso machine. So what sets this grinder and the Atom 75 apart? Well, the Fausto Touch does have 65mm burrs as opposed to the 75mm burrs on the Atom. This does mean that your grind time may be a second or so longer, but we hardly notice the difference. Instead, the Fausto Touch has even easier dose programming via the top mounted touch screen, which some users may prefer over the buttons on the front of the Atom. Either way, which grinder is right for you really does come down to personal preference.

Eureka Oro Mignon XL

The Oro Mignon XL makes this list as an interesting hybrid between Eureka’s Mignon and Atom lines. This grinder squeezes 65mm burrs, programmable dosing, and a stepless grind adjust into the Mignon form factor, which is an easier fit for many enthusiasts when compared to the larger grinders previously discussed. In terms of performance, this grinder grinds faster and more consistently than other Mignon grinders, even if it doesn’t quite reach the performance and premium trim of the Atom. We’re including this one on the list because it’s a phenomenal option for anyone looking for something with a smaller form factor, but higher end performance than what similar sized grinders tend to offer. We'll be back soon with our last bits of Top 3 content for 2021!

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