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Top 3 Luxury Superautomatic Espresso Machines of 2021

Top 3 Luxury Superautomatic Espresso Machines of 2021

Today we’re taking a look at our picks for our Top 3 Luxury Superautomatic Espresso Machine list. These machines offer the height of performance and control from superautos, with advanced programming, milk systems, and maintenance options. Let’s get started!

Saeco Xelsis

The Xelsis is Philips Saeco’s top level option for superautomatic espresso brewing. This machine combines solid shot performance with some of the best automatic frothing we’ve seen. On top of these elements, the Xelsis also offers an incredible degree of control over your drinks. With a vibrant, full color touch screen, you can get hands on with everything from foam amount, to strength and flavor, to volume, and temperature. These recipes can be saved to different profiles as well, making this a perfect machine for a multi-user home. If you like a short, hotter Americano but someone else in the home prefers their’s larger and stronger, saving to the multiple profiles allows everyone to get their drinks in a hurry. Then there’s the milk steaming. The Xelsis’ Hygiesteam system comes with a carafe that you can easily store in the refrigerator to keep your milk fresh. Then, simply drop the steam wand siphon into the carafe, and the Xelsis will produce some truly excellent microfoam. We’ve even had success pouring latte art with milk from this machine, though your mileage may vary a bit there. The Hygiesteam system is named as such because it also does a great job of self-cleaning, and that’s not the only area where the Xelsis handles maintenance well. This machine is AquaClean filter ready, which will help it brew the best tasting espresso, and extend time between descalings. When it is time to clean or descale the machine you’ll get helpful reminders and instructions from the machine’s screen. When you combine all of these features, the Xelsis is a joy to use, offers great quality, and is easy to maintain.

Jura Z8

The Jura Z8 offers many similar features to the Saeco Xelsis. 21 Customizable drink options, high quality brewing and steaming, a touchscreen based interface, and Clearyl water filtration all give this machine an impressive feature set. The biggest difference between the machines is flavor. Every superauto offers a different flavor profile, and for many, Jura’s Pulse Extraction Process is one of the best. Milk texture here is quite good as well, though we have a slight preference for the milk from the Xelsis. Either way, this machine is very comparable in terms of performance. It’s also a connected machine. The Z8 works with Jura’s cell phone apps to let you brew and perform simple maintenance and diagnostic actions from anywhere. You’ll also get access to Jura’s online portals for tips, tricks, and tutorials, helping you fully understand this machine in a hurry.

Breville Oracle Touch

The Breville Oracle Touch is a different sort of superautomatic espresso machine. Where the Xelsis and Z8 have very similar feature sets, with the differences being very subjective, the Oracle Touch is quite different. This machine is laid out similarly to Breville’s Barista Express. In other words, it resembles a semi-automatic espresso machine. You’ll actually move a portafilter to the grinder, then back to the group head to lock it in. The steam is produced with a wand that looks similar to traditional steam wands as well. But this machine also offers automated tamping, brewing, and steaming to make it a breeze to use. We love this machine because it lets you be as hands on as you want to be. If you want to control more of the process by hand, you can. This makes it the perfect middle-ground for anyone undecided between a superauto and a semi-auto. Plus, all of it is controlled by a vibrant, easy to use touchscreen, just like the Z8 and the Xelsis. These three machines are all great candidates for any espresso enthusiast. They should all be on your list if you find yourself searching for a superautomatic espresso machine this holiday season and beyond!

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